Finish of this BLOG

I am choosing to lose the banner of Armeture Productions as in the beginning it was a project that my younger brother and I went into. Since then he has taken his own artistic direction in music production and almost all the photos recently taken on here are solely my own. I felt since this was the case the whole Armeture stigma was tacky only under one name. Therefore I am starting a fresh blog under my own name Kris Humphries and if you enjoy the photos in here you can follow it at It is great to be able to have a fresh start and hopefully continue to progress as a photographer.

Dedication and Passion
Medowie - The Place of Tall Trees
The Silos
Newcastle Port at Night // The Hustle and the Bustle
Industry Never Stops
Street Pete Gap Bars
Causing a Ruckus
Street Pete being himself
Obligatory Fisheye Shot / Test Shot